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2 summers later

July 29, 2010

One year over, and you might be wondering how has the tryst been so far. If success is measured by busy days and peaceful sleeps, then I’ve achieved some. Upon reflection, the first year seems to be just a long, eventful preparation for what the second year’s supposed to offer. If first year was more about indulgence, the second year would be where all things come full circle.

Someone reminded me about this blog today, enough to drive a new post out of me. I wish I could write more about my internships and the last amazing model I built for my company, but that’s not what hits me the most today as I sit down to write this. What hits the most is how much have things changed, and how I’ve authored every single turn, every other leap since the last one year. And it’s overwhelming to think that the best is yet to come.

The next few months should be the busiest mess I have ever gotten myself into. If MBA’s a rollercoaster then I’m about to turn upside down soon. The thrill’s not over until you stop imagining about it. I’m ready for more; it’s the less that I couldn’t live with before my MBA.

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  1. Akshatha permalink
    September 5, 2010 12:04 pm

    Just came across your blog while doing some R&D for b-schools, 🙂 .Nice one.. Currently in a similar state of mind, (saw ur blog in yr 2008) …
    Keep Blogging :). Will become a regular visitor.

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