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November 14, 2009

Whats been only 3 and a half months since school began seems like a lifetime in itself. Already. When there’s so much happening, I guess its got to be that way. Let me see how I can best break this time down and talk about things that an applicant would like to know.

The first thing that strikes you about Goizueta and stays with you is that the whole Community thing is so amazingly true. Everyone out here helps you, guides you, becomes your friend. Without exception. You don’t just get a class of 170 friends, you get a whole community of alums, professors, program office and everyone else who want you to do your best. Now thats a huge responsibility. You better make them proud.

The core courses we have covered so far are Microeconomics, Leading Organization & Strategy, Data Decision & Analysis, and Professional Communication, and come December we will be done with Marketing, Finance, and Financial Accounting. In addition we have Management Practice that continues next semester. Thats a lot that we have already covered, come to think of it. How much did I learn ? I think I’ve done pretty well, though aided by the fact that Goizueta has a grade non-disclosure policy. Getting to actually learn an incredible lot from some excellent professors is one of Goizueta’s good secrets to know.

Lets talk about what you most want to hear – jobs. Yes, the second years are getting offers, and good ones. Some of my classmates have already bagged internships. For most of us in the first year, the internship search season begins from January, but the groundwork has been laid in the past months, and will continue well into the rest of this year. Is the picture rosy ? Not quite, but its still a great picture to be a part of. There’s this sense of optimism in all of us that also resonated from the second years when I reached out to them as an applicant last year. We all know its tough, but we all know we are going to get there. Each one of us will make it. Speaking of facts, there are probably more openings this year than the last, and the economy’s not an excuse anymore.

Atlanta. A special note to international applicants – the location of your school matters a hell lot. Almost every other week we have alums helping us out, formally or informally, coaching us about interviews and resumes and giving us a sense of their work after MBA. Its all possible only because a sizable number of alums fall enough in love with Atlanta to be based out of here. Then there are other frequent informative sessions and speaker series, as well as local company visits and treks, thanks to Atlanta being the hub for some great companies. And after a hard day’s worth of classes and assignments, Atlanta spoils you for choices for how and where you want to enjoy the rest of your evening. Every day offers the possibility of a party, and to say that we make the most of it is an understatement. Thats another of our well-kept secrets – we party hard. No kidding.

I wish I could turn this blog into a photoblog – that would reveal to you the rapport we share with our classmates. It has to be lived to be believed.

There are a few specifics I would like to discuss in my next post – concentrations, GMSC, and International Potluck. The current post on the school’s blog talks about one of the many resources school offers you for your internship preparation. This being the application season, let me know if there’s some aspect of the school you would like to hear more about.

Before I leave, here’s a rundown of things to cover this weekend – we have a number of group assignments due for finance, a marketing case analysis cum presentation for strategies for targeting low income consumers, a couple of management practice assignments for structured problem solving, a night long’s worth homework in accounting, mock interview preparations, etc. etc. etc. How do we manage to do it all ? For good measure, we have an awesome, grand party called Semi Formals coming up tomorrow evening, where the whole class is going to get together and discuss all the assignments. Umm. Not really. The night will speak for itself.

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  1. November 15, 2009 2:03 pm

    sounds like you are having a great experience 🙂


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