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Week 0

July 28, 2009

Our MBA program got officially kickstarted yesterday with a two hour welcome program for the international students. I’ll get to that soon, but let me first tell you about the way the last one week has progressed.

So its been hectic, but enjoyable. The MBA Program Office had arranged for an airport pickup for almost all the international students, and the week zero has been all about welcoming us and making sure that we can settle down comfortably. The Director of the MBA Program Office has been helpful beyond words. There were day long shopping trips organized throughout the last week for furniture/groceries/bank accounts/phone connections/SSN office and almost any place that a student wanted to go.  We couldn’t have been made to feel more at home.

Over the weekend there were trips to some of the main attractions at Atlanta where we also got to meet other classmates for the first time. The laser show at Stone Mountain was amazing, and we did a CNN Studio Tour as well as enjoyed an unique experience at the Georgia Aquarium. By this time we were all set to start with the program, and all the international students got to meet each other at the school yesterday during the opening reception and it was an evening well spent.

Today was the second day of our orientation for the internationals where we received an official welcome from the Program Office and had our Class Introductions. We were made to think about our motivators and set our two primary goals for the next six months, just so that we work towards them and keep them at the back of our minds while we continue to absorb our MBA experience. The day ended with an introduction to speed networking, which is supposed to take place on Wednesday and is supposed to be pretty exciting.

The group of international students is extremely diverse, both in terms of nationalities as well as career backgrounds and interests. The group is small enough for us to get to know each other better, and big enough to span the entire world. I can’t wait to get to class again tommorrow !

We have all been assigned peer career coaches (from the Class of 2010) who have been helping us to refine our resumes before we send it across to the Career Management Center. So it won’t be long before we get sucked up into the flow of things. Time’s already beginning to speed ahead of us and we’ve just got started !  We’re in for some major fun 🙂

Let me leave you with a few pictures of the Jenkins Courtyard – its such a great place to hang out with your classmates and enjoy the Atlanta Sun !


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