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8 weeks to go

June 2, 2009
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Ask me about the accomodation options near Emory University, and you stand a good chance of being inundated with information. I’ve spent the better part of the last few days in finalizing where to stay during the 1st Year, and have done as much as one can when sitting thousands of miles away. I almost zoomed inside my apartment, but for Google Earth’s limitation to stay aerial.

There’s excitement all around. Finally I am into the mode where I can’t wait for the MBA to begin. The flight ticket has been booked, with a window seat conveniently reserved. Things that remain are the pre-enrollment courses, and figuring out how to demonstrate my medical immunity given the fact that there are no records. I am certainly in no mood to ask my child’s doctor to administer the MMR to me as well; can imagine his expression if I were to do so.

Before my MBA stirs up a new chapter, I plan to post about a few topics that would be relevant as an applicant. GMAT is one topic that does not get a lot of mention on my blog, so would compensate for it soon. The deadline for this year’s Reliance Scholarship Application is already over, and I reserved my views for most of the essays that some applicants wanted me to review, since I didn’t feel qualified to pass a judgement on what would click and what wouldn’t.

And yes, I resigned from my work yesterday. I have had a wonderful time at my present organization, evident by the fact that I stayed with it for almost 5 years. An absolute pleasure, and I feel fortunate to say so. Reminds me of the last time I had resigned and under what circumstances. Wonder when would I get to resign next, and whether the economy would improve enough to help me get there 🙂


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