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That enthusing feeling

April 20, 2009

Over-enthusiasm can be dangerous. It has begun affecting me seriously. Every now and then the realization springs up that I just can’t wait for the MBA to begin.

It generally strikes when I’m in the management meetings at my workplace, fidgeting with my cell phone, when I hear my name being mentioned and my opinion being sought on random topics. They appear random because I have never heard of them before, and suddenly, all eyes (and ears, since we are almost always teleconferencing) are on me. Instead of appearing clueless, I get the opportunity to practice one of the skills I have been trying to perfect since last year – the art of arbitrary articulation. It calls for discussing something that you don’t know about but ending up sounding like an expert. I know. I’m far from becoming a successful management consultant, but I’m getting there.

Then there are moments when I’m at my uncharacteristic best where I begin to engage complete strangers in conversations that don’t venture beyond small talk. Even while I’m at it I can’t believe its me who’s doing so. I would have never initiated it earlier, nor even been a willing participant ever, but probably the thought of an MBA is bringing about these changes in me. And surprisingly it doesn’t feel as bad nowadays.

I wasn’t like this. So whats happening ? Maybe my operating system knows that I’ve survived too long on a version that was doing fine so far but I require an upgrade now to support all the fabulous softwares that come bundled with an MBA. It seems I wanted more from my MBA than to just learn about business, and I am set to change in more ways than I had bargained for. 

While enjoying my weekends and having the luxury to spend time with my family, I realize that the clock is ticking away, bringing me closer to a life that will change the way I think, behave, and act. And taking me away from this life that was so good; if only I could have been more satisfied with it.

I am fine with change. It generally passes unnoticed. What intrigues me is my enthusiasm for the next two years. What can it see coming that I cannot ?

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  1. April 21, 2009 2:36 pm

    🙂 man, you said it! its your internal clock ticking and telling you that you have outgrown your current role and job, you are ready to graduate (excuse the pun;)) to the next level. when do you put in ur papers btw?
    and moi going for management consulting as well…and what really helped me was going through going through what some of the best consultants did and their profiles; an extreme example would be Ram Charan (
    have a look…


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