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February 4, 2009

The spelling changes when you are burdened by 3 wait lists. Nothing’s light about it (and no, this is different from the ‘light’ at-the-end-of-the-tunnel that people would like you to believe).

Question – What does one do upon being placed on the wait list ?
Answer – a) one waits
                   b) one prays
                   c) one updates
                   d) c,b, & a – in that order

Question – What does one do apart from strategizing about how to get off the wait list ?
Answer – One comes up with ten good things about being on the wait list.

10 Good Things about being on the Wait List

  • They don’t ‘not like’ you. You did not give them many reasons for ‘not liking’ you. (Of course, you didn’t give them many reasons otherwise as well, but then, its time to be positive). You can live with ‘not liking’ness.
  • You get congratulated by people without having achieved anything.
  • You search for the weaknesses in your application and it keeps you busy.
  • You get to write an essay (update) the way you want – not constrained by esoteric essay questions or stingy word limits.
  • You get to experience courtship for that much longer. Wise people woo’ve been there will tell you – the longer the courtship, the sweeter the union.
  •  You experience love of an undying variety. You get to write love letters well past the legal age.
  • You don’t need to worry about the funding. Yet.
  • You get to troll on more number of threads on the forums than those who have been admitted.
  • You become philosophical. You have gained, without actually failing, the wisdom that comes from failure.
  • You fit. Wow, at the end of it all,you fit! With others who have been wait listed. You reach out to support each other, and share strategies, to make it off the wait list together. The world is still a good place.

Now that is more goodness than what I can usually handle. It makes me wonder how rosy are things for internationals (or nationals, for that matter!) who’ve been admitted. They need to worry about the funding, about asking their friends to become co-signors at the cost of losing their friendships, about the fast vanishing internships and the barely existent job market.

But like I said, I’ve had enough of goodness. Its time to face some problems and step into the shoes of an Admit. Would that happen soon ?

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  1. February 4, 2009 10:56 pm

    Hey dude… you have that right on the mark. I sometimes think we in the waitlist are very similar to some reality shows (like Big Brother or MTV Roadies), where you work with your team mates to get tasks done, but at the end of the day, it is each for himself. The only thing here is that there is no vote-outs or SMS pleas, but just the school playing GOD…


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