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October 10, 2008


Just submitted my TUCK application. Had decided to go for it earlier this week on my birthday, but then thought of having an extra day to rejoice. Its the first application where my recommenders completed their job before I did mine. How can I not love my recommenders? They’ve been extremely cooperative and I hope and pray that their efforts don’t get wasted ! One of them has even submitted the Duke recommendation, whereas I am yet to look at its application seriously.

Tuck’s essays weren’t that difficult to answer, though it did take a good amount of time from me. I had to be sure of the stand I was taking in my ‘difficult feedback’ essay and I chose to remain honest instead of cooking up a story which could have been more interesting.

Now when I look at all my essays for all the applications that are submitted, they all look like twins, some identical and some not, having similar features to a large extent! I used to wonder 3 months ago when people gave this advice to not do more than 4-5 schools at a time, but I completely agree now. The whole darn thing has really exhausted me. And the interviews are yet to begin! I’m happy to see a few admits already in Columbia, and hope that we all get a chance soon to submit that fateful post for which our blogs were born!

I am yet to get connected with someone via the Tuck Connections. Have written to them, and hope they get to find another match soon.

Update on 10/11 – Could not attend the Tuck Reception at Mumbai, but thanks to Raghu for posting some videos from the Tuck Reception.
Tuck has been the fastest to update my application status as complete, within less than 24 hours of my submitting the application. Wharton sent a detailed and impressive email stating the next steps and important dates in the admission process after marking my application as complete. Ross sent a sweet one liner mail. Kellogg too marks my application as complete, hopefully the interview invite would follow soon. INSEAD will let us know by 7th Nov reg. the interviews.

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