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Almost done for R one

September 29, 2008

And I hope you are too. The journey so far has witnessed a lot of ups and downs, and my essays for my first 4 US schools are complete. Well, almost. I plan to submit Wharton and Ross by this week, and Kellogg and Tuck by the next. I am happy with my essays, and I think the whole thing takes so much time not because you have to write these goddamn essays, but because you have to write them well. And you’ve got to really like your essays, cos chances are that nobody else will !! In any case, I’m not going back to do the whole thing again even if someone trashes my essays.

Some observations during the process so far –

  • In bits and pieces, and sometimes in full fledged fragments, the essays across the schools have turned out to be similar (barring Kellogg). What are the differences ? The tone, the way the questions have been asked and answered, and the attempt to veil a unique touch for each school.
  • When you are done with the essays, and assuming you have a separate word document for each school, do a CTRL-F with each of the other school’s name in every document. You don’t want more than one school’s name to appear in a particular application, do you?
  • I’m scanning my essays for a few things – answering the question, repetition of ideas/skills/key words, defensiveness, punchlines, impact, ending on a positive note. Punchlines are important for me. I want a bit of my essay to remain with the reader, long after its read and approved. Ahem. I know you noticed that last word.
  • Its a competition. You are competing with everyone else who’s applying to the school. However, having an applicant as a friend definitely helps. We all want to make it, and I definitely want all of us to make it.
  • Reserve enough time for the application forms. I feel like rushing ahead and submitting my apps, but am holding back just to ensure that I don’t make a mistake somewhere.
  • The recommenders are doing a fantastic job. I hope they are. Need to constantly pursue and cajole them to complete all the recommendations on time.

And if you were not sure about your fit yet, the essays would force you to gain clarity. While into my essays, I had to really research all the schools quite well and developed passion for some. I can clearly rank all my school choices now.

It feels so good to be unburdened again. I know there’s a long way to go, and this is just the first step, but some uncertainties like what schools should I apply to, how would the essays turn out, and the whole rigmarole that this process involves, now come to rest. I’ll catch up on a lot of movies, read a few good books, and go back to the sane company of my family. Only for a few days, cos its far from over. Duke is still left! And interviews!!

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  1. September 29, 2008 7:01 pm

    Good stuff man. Glad to see you getting there. With the deadlines approaching, I can definitely see the end in sight…

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