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Another weekend .. gone.

June 15, 2008

Yes, 2 days of just THINKING to begin, earnestly. There’s still a lot of time for all the US and European schools, but due to a major amount of expected activity on the home front, the sooner I get on the drive, the better it’ll be in the end.

So how did I spend my weekend ? To ensure that I didn’t feel guilty about not beginning my essays yet, I did what I do best – watched 4 movies, finished a book, began a new one. To anyone who’s on the same bus and shares the feeling of letting the time slip away – you can feel comforted and consoled that another applicant is also doing the same, and perhaps cheer up before the going gets tougher. For those who have a mantra for overcoming the laziness and sticking to deadlines, I salute you.

Agenda for the coming week –

– prepare the draft for the IIM C essays, prepare the draft/finalize the Reliance schol. essay, check the INSEAD essay questions and begin formulating my thoughts.

– do further research on ops+strategy. And on the school list.

– watch only 1 movie over the weekend.

Its not easy to say which one of the above is the toughest.

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