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June 9, 2008

From general mgmt with focus on ops and strategy, to ops/SCM, to finance, to fin+strategy, and now back to ops+strategy. Can I be more unclear ? This is what happens when you have remained a generalist throughout your life – I am unable to map my skills to the right goal. Should it be finance since I’d like to use my prob solving + analytical skills ? Should it be operations as I have some exposure in this area, and somewhat an interest in supply chain ? I definitely want to study strategy. I am equally interested in a lot of other subjects as well.

Its not easy for me to think in terms of what profession I would like to be immediately post MBA. I can think in terms of role – a lot of responsibilities, a lot of challenges, leadership, a lot of analytical thinking, with the biggest focus on the last aspect. This gets so broad that almost anything out of an MBA will fit the label. So to get more specific, I am trying to zero in on ops+strategy, and specifically SCM and IT in SCM. Why was I leaning towards finance ? ‘Cos it would be give me ample prob solving opportunities and number crunching. Somewhere deep inside, I guess thats what I want. So you can assess my level of clarity so far !

So for today, its going to be ops+strategy. How do I marry my IT background with this ? Well SCM in IT = ERP (to some extent). Thats something I can relate to. My short term goal will be getting into a business consulting firm with a focus on operations consulting, and then moving on to head the SCM strategy for a manufacturing firm/IT firm. Sounds good ? I hope I do not gain newer insights which will affect the decision by tommorrow , or day after !!

I know that the process should work backwards from the goal, but in my case and if you know me (which you don’t), things are not always the way it seems. I just hope I don’t have a hard time explaining the same to the adcoms.

On the scheduling front, 9 days are already over and I haven’t begun any essays yet. Yes there are a few essays which I need to work on for IIM C. And then another one for the scholarship. I hope I finish my research soon enough. Setting the deadline for the drafts by 22nd June. Hope to keep my word and hence posting it here, to track if this can persuade me strongly enough to do so !!

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